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Income Activator Gives You...
1.   Control 
2.   Revenue Streams
3.   Marketing Strategies 

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Top 10 Revenue Models

1.   Pay Per Click Ads From Google
2.   Your Own Pay Per Click Links 
3.   Sending Leads Companies
4.   Send 1 Lead To Many Companies
5.   Creating A Membership Site
6.   Selling Products From Your Store
7.   Selling Products Through Affiliates
8.   Creating Your Own Products
9.   Creating Your Own eBook
10. Selling Art & Pics As Stock Photos

Plus, Additional Revenue Streams

 Formula To Making Money Online

1.  Pick a topic

2.  Create pages related to your topic.

3.  Add one or more revenue streams to your pages.

The more pages you create...
The more visitors you get...
The more money you make.

Ready To Go Website 

Here is the starter website you get, that walks you through the pages, and how they are set up to generate revenue.

This video will be introducing you to a new way of creating online income, and is about 20 minutes long, so watch it when you have both the time and the head space to grasp everything this platform comes with.

Your advantage is that you will not need extra software and you can generate revenue form either your own online store, or by sending leads to companies that pay you. 

How To Find Advertisers

When you're looking at companies to send leads to, you should always begin with the companies you're already recommending to your friends and family. All you need to do is start with one company that you're recommending leads to. Then grow it from there. When you set up a referral program, begin by sending these leads to yourself, as this will tell you how qualified they are. Then tweak your website so that it captures the best qualified leads possible. Once you're comfortable that your website is creating qualified leads, then you can send them to your referral companies. If you don't have a company to send leads to, then start by sending leads to yourself. Then call a company that would appreciate these leads. You can start by suggesting the leads are worth $10, and move up or down from that price when you're talking to the company.

Your Own Online Brand

Eventually everybody is going to become their own online brand. There are two ways of making money online, selling or by sending leads to companies that pay. Only 1% of your visitor traffic may buy from you so... why not tell the other 99% where to go ;). Sending leads to companies that pay you is the revenue model used by all the BIG Money Companies like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest, and now you can too... with your own Income Activator website platform. 

You Can Do What BIG Money Companies Do

Big money companies to 3 things that you don't do. First, they get their visitor traffic to contribute content. Secondly they send leads to companies that pay them. Finally they have complete control over their website platform. The average website owner creates your own content. Tries selling stuff to their visitors, and has to pay webmasters to make changes to their website. This is why the average website owner slowly goes broke. 

Sales vs Leads

This video shows you how much website traffic you need to make $120,000 a year, and how much traffic you need to make 1 million dollars a year, from sales and from leads.





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