car insurance PPC affiliateYour SureHits & QuinStreet Contacts

Alan London is your main contact, and the Sr.  Business Development Manager,
email:, bus: 650-578-7700 ex 903604 cell: 720-244-4221.

Account Manager -Steve Walter, email:

Personal Loans
Account Manager - Akwal Lally, email:

Credit Cards
Account Manger- Christina Trussell, email:

Account Manager
Shannel Keller, email:

Corporate Office Mailing Address
SureHits,  Finance / Accounts Payable, QuinStreet, 950 Tower Ln, 6th Floor, Foster City, CA 94404.

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Next Steps

Step 1 - Account Approval 

Email & Call: Jalen Brown will email you to set up a time to talk and reveiw with you how the affiliate program works.  Jalen will be reviewing your website and ensure that you understand the importance of sending qualified leads.

If you don't receive Jalen's email in 2 business days, check your spam folder. If you can't find it, email Jalent You can also follow up with Alan Lonndon.

Step 2 - Publisher Service Order Agreement

After you speak to Jalen and he's comfortable that you understand the importance of sending qualified leads, he will email you a Publisher Service Order Agreement to sign. You will be able to do this and sign it online.

Step 3 - Tracking Link Installations 

Once your Publisher Service Order Agreement has been signed you will be emailed your Affiliate Account Login with the Installation Tracking Links

Step 4 - Affiliate Login

Login and make sure you see that you have your Installation section. See diagram below.

If you do not see the Installation section, contact: Shannel Keller,  Account Manager, (650) 578 – 6867,

This is your Affiliate Login link:

Step 5 - Installation Of your Tracking Links

Email your login email address & password to and we will install your tracking link codes for you.

Please ensure you login and email the 'correct login information' to
If you don't, it will 'greatly delay' Income Activator getting your tracking links installed.

Note: This Login is NOT either your 'Publisher' or 'Account Your Created' login.

It's the Login you're emailed when your SureHits Affiliate Account has been approved.

Aff account




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