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Formula To Making Money Online

1.    Pick a topic

2.    Create pages related to your topic.

3.    Add one or more revenue streams to each of your website pages.

The more pages you create, the more visitors you'll get, and the more money you'll make.  

Top 10 Revenue Streams

To begin, pick one revenue stream you feel comfortable with.
Once you start generating revenue from it, you can add more. 

1.    Pay Per Click - Google, Yahoo, Bing Ads - Begin Now

2.    Pay Per Click - Your Own - Begin Now

3.    Referrals - Lead Generation  - Begin Now

4.    Referrals - Directory  - Begin Now

5.    Affiliates - Selling Product for a Company - Begin Now

6.    Affiliates - Selling Income Activator - Begin Now
7.    Membership Sites - Begin Now

8.    Creating Your Own Products Begin Now

9.    Creating Your Own eBook - Begin Now

10.  Online Store - Selling Your Own Products - Begin Now

Additional Revenue Streams You Can Activate

11.  Crowd Funding - Get money to create a products - Begin Now

12.  Voucher Program - An advertiser pays when a visitor receives a voucher - Begin Now

13.  Banner Ad - Advertiser pays a month fee for banner space - Begin Now

14.  Advertising Page - Give the advertiser a page on your website for a monthly fee - Begin Now

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