Sending 1 lead to multiple companies is the most profitable revenue model.
You can send 1 Lead to multiple businesses and get paid by all businesses at once. 

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lead revenue quote comparisons

This is most commonly used by companies that bid for business.

For instance you can provide your visitors with the 'Top 10 Best Quotes' for home repairs, moving, painting, etc. When each business pays you $10 to quote you earn $100 per lead. You can set your own rates.

Here is an example of a painting website sending 1 lead to 10 painters to quote
Complete the form to view the 10 businesses paying to bid on the painting job. Your Lead software tracks these leads and automatically creates your invoices and sends out the emails. 

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Lead Revenue Is Extremely Profitable

Sending leads to Law Firms.
Complete the form  to see the law firm's website embedded in the Income Activator website. The advantage of embedding a referral website with in your Income Activator website is that your visitor is not kicked off your website like they are with pay per click ads.

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