You can Insert Videos from into your Pages. is similar to, but they accept longer videos, and have some different features. 
Below is an example of what an Video looks like in a page.


To start, you need to create an Account.
To do this, go to, then click the 'Sign up for Vimeo' button.

Click on the 'Sign up for Basic' button.

Enter in your First and Last Name, your Email, and Password.

Check off the checkbox, then click on the 'Join Vimeo' button.

After clicking 'Join Vimeo', you'll see this fun little popup box confirming your Account creation.

Log into the Email account you signed up with, you'll find an email from
Open the Email, and click the 'Complete Your Registration' button shown.

Click 'Upload' after returning to 

Click the 'Choose a file to upload...' button.

Locate the video on your computer and select it.
Click the 'Open' button.

Your Video will start Uploading right away, it might take more than 5 minutes.
 While you wait you can describe your Video to people and Search Engines.

Title: Enter in a Title that describes your video well.
Description: Write a description that describes the content in your video, you can mention the songs used, the people involved, and any information to do with the video, don't be afraid to make it long.
Keywords: Enter in up to 20 keywords that people might search for to find it. Examples: grooming, dog grooming, pet grooming, groomers, pet salon, animal grooming.

Click the 'Go to video' button.

You might have to wait in line for a few minutes before your Video is converted and can be seen on

When your Video has been converted, click 'EMBED' in the top right of the video.

Copy the Embed Code, to do this Right Click on the code and click on 'Copy'.

Click on the Page you want to Insert the Video into.

Click on the 'Embed a YouTube Video' button shown.

Paste the Embed Code from in the box shown.
Click on the 'Insert' button. 

Your Video has been Inserted into your Page!
Click the 'Save' button when you are done editing your Page. 

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