* You can create your in Form in minutes.
* You can ask an unlimited number of questions on a form
* Your answers boxes can be in single or multi-lined format, radio buttons, check boxes for multiple answers, or a drop down list.
* You can customize your forms Submit Button to whatever you want it to say.
* When a visitor completes the form, you can collect their data, and have this data emailed to you in real time.
* You can have an auto-responder sending out an email to the person when the form is completed, and you can include an attachment.
* You can also redirect the person to one of your website pages or another website upon completion of the form.
* The form can act as a Referral program and upon a person completing the form, be sent to a referral company which you can bill for lead generation.
* You can edit the form instantly.
* You can use multiple forms, and use multiple forms throughout your website which you can also use for split testing.
1) Some times the form will be too far down your page from your copy. If this is the case, go to your page and delete all the extra space at the bottom, save it. Your form should now be closure to the test on your page.
You can create Forms to collect any information from your visitors or clients.
This is how an example of how a Form might look to your website visitors.

To create a new Form, click on the menu tab 'Forms', then click on 'Create A New Form'.
Fill out the fields to customize your Form.
Click 'Continue' when you are done customizing your Form. 
1. Form Reference Title - Enter in a name to identify your Form, only you see this.
2.  Introductory Comment Line - Enter in text that appears above your form.
3.  Form Questions - Enter in the Questions in your Form that your visitors will give answers to.

Type each question on its own line.


Who Let The Dog In?
What Is The Dog's Name?
Your Email Address?
4. Question Format - Select the placement of your Questions, you can either have them show Beside The Answer Boxes, or Above The Answer Boxes. Longer Form Questions are better suited Above The Answer Boxes.
5. Submit Button Location - Select the location of the Submit Button, you can either choose Centered On The Page or Left Justified.
6. Submit Button Description - Enter in text to show on your Submit Button, some examples are 'Submit', 'Sign Me Up', or 'Send Me The Deals'.
7. Concluding Comment Line - Enter in text that appears below your form.
8. Form Placement - Select the placement of your Form, you can either show your Form above your page content, or show your Form below your page content.
9. Referral Program - If you have a Referral Program setup, select it from the dropdown. When a visitor submits this form, the information will be emailed to one of the Referral Companies in the Referral Program selected.
10. Form Page - Select which of your Pages to show this Form on, you can also attach a Form when editing a Page.


Select the Field Types for each of your Form Questions.
If a Field is Required, check off the 'Required' box to the right of the Question. 
Click the 'Continue' button when you are done. 
1. Single Line Box - A single line text box suitable for short answers; Name, Phone Number, City.
2. Email Address - This box only accepts answers in Email Address form, anything else will give an error message.
3. Multi-Line Box - A multi-line text box suitable for large amounts of text; Comments, Description.
4. Drop Down List - A drop down list of answers, allowing visitors to select one answer.
5. Radio Buttons - Multiple choice options, allowing visitors to select one answer.
6. Check Boxes - Muiltiple choice options, allowing visitors to select multiple answers.
7. Photo/File Upload - Allow your visitors to Upload a File or Photo, this could be a Photo, PDF, or anything you want your visitors to Upload to you.

This is where you insert the Answers to your questions and customize your Multi-Line Answer Box height.
Insert the amount of text lines for your Multi-Line Box, and insert the Answers to your Multiple Choice Form Questions.
Click on the 'Continue' button when you are done. 
1. Multi-Line Answer Box - If you chose to use a Multi-Line Text Box, insert the amount of lines your Multi-Line Text Box will show, more lines means a bigger box.
2. Drop Down Menu - If you chose to use a Drop Down Menu Question, insert your answers in this box, each on its own line.
3. Radio Buttons - If you chose to use a Radio Button Question, insert your answers in this box, each on its own line.
4. Check Boxes - If you chose to use a Check Box Question, insert your answers in this box, each on its own line.

You first need to choose a Thank You Message Option, you can have three different things happen when a Visitor completes your form.
Optional: You can send Email Notifications to yourself once a visitor completes your Form and/or Email Confirmations to your visitors once they complete your form.
Fill out the fields below, then click the 'Click Here To Finish Your Form' button.

1. Option 1: Default Thank You Message - To show your Visitors a generic Default Thank You Message after they complete your form, simply leave all the fields blank.
2. Option 2: Create Your Own Thank You Message - Enter in a Page Title and Page Content of the Thank You Page you show your Visitors after they complete your form.
3. Option 3: Re-Direct Your Visitor To another Page or Website - Enter in a Page or Website address into the box and your Visitors will be directed to this Page or Website after they complete your form.
4. Your Email Notifications- Optional: You can have an Email sent to you every time someone completes the Form. To do this, enter in a Email Subject, Email Address to send the notifications to, and the Email Message.
5. Visitor Email Confirmation Optional: You can have an Email sent to your visitors when they complete the Form. To do this, enter in a Email Subject and the Email Message. See the next point for Attaching A File to this Email.
6. Attach A File Optional: You can have a File Emailed to your visitors when they complete the Form. To do this, click on 'Choose File', select the File from your computer, then click 'Open'.


Your Form is now created and ready to be attached to one or more of your pages!
From this page you can Edit your form to add or remove questions, and more. 

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