Websites With Good Content Make Money 
If you don't have anything to sell you can Make Money with a Content Website.
Search Engines, such as Google Love Websites with Good Content.
If you can Write, Assemble Pictures or Videos, you can Make Money Now.
You can even use Pictures & Videos you find online.
Kids can do it too! 


Pay Per Click Revenue 

Some people surpass $60,000 a month from Click Reveune.
You're paid when a visitor to your website clicks on an ad. 
Each click can make you anywhere from a few cents to over a hundred dollars.
Here are 4 examples of website pages using Pay Per Click Revenue Streams.
1.  Google's AdSence Pay Per Click Revenue    View Example of Google Ads at the Bottom of the Page
Make Money Like Google: Google pays you when someone clicks on a Google Ad on your website.
This revenue stream is great for getting started right away, with out having to talk to anyone.
Google pays you small percentage of what they get paid per click from the advertiser.
With Income Activator you can put up as many pages of content you want & make money from every page.
2.  Your Own Pay Per Click Revenue    View Example of the Pay Per Click Link at the Top of the Page
You're paid directly by the Advertiser when someone clicks on an Ad you've put up on your website.
You Receive 100% of the Click Revenue.There is no Middle Man, like Google.
Income Activator shows you where to find the Advertisers & tells you how much they Pay Per Click.
It is easy to put up Ads on your website, track the clicks & bill accordingly.

3.  Using Pictures As Content    View Example of Pay Per Click Ads at the Bottom of the Page  
4.  Using Videos As Content    View Example of Pay Per Click Ads at the Bottom of the Page


Referral Revenue

This is the Revenue Stream I used to bring in between $50,000 to $100,000 a month.
You are paid when a visitor to your website completes a form & is directed to the advertiser's website.  
This is a better lead for the advertiser as you're sending them contact information they can use.
 This allows you to set a higher price then a per click rate. 
You're paid by the Advertiser when the Referral is made.
Referrals can consist of a Name & Email Address. 
Income Activator allows you to customize your own referral forms &
have the referrals be automatically emailed to your advertisers. 
Referrals are tracked allowing you to bill accordingly.  
All Advertisers pay you per lead.

You're paid by 'All Advertisers' when a visitor to your website completes a form,
clicks on the submit button & is shown the Directory of your Advertisers. 
Income Activator tracks all these referrals allowing you to bill accordingly. 

Selling Other people's Products
1. This is known as an Affiliate Partner    View Example Of Affiliate Products
Affiliate products can pay you up to 50% commission.
You're paid when you send a visitor from your website to purchase a product from another website. 
All your tracking, payments & shipping are handled by your Affiliate Partners.
Income Activator shows where to find good Affiliate Partners &
how to add their Products & Tracking Links to your website. 

3. Using Videos To Sell Affiliate Products    View Example of Affiliate Links to the Left of the Videos

Membership Fees  

1. Membership Access    View Example

You can set up a Membership Website & charge monthly or annual fees

Income Activator allows you to Password Protect all or only a section of your website.
You have the option of collecting Membership Fees.
Membership Fees can be collected using Pay Pal or through other credit card services.

Creating You Own Products     
1.  Mugs, T-Shirts & Other Products    View Example
Income Activator shows you where & how to set up your own product line.

The products are already created, all you do is personalize them.
The payments & shipping are all handled for you.
You set your own pricing on all products.

2. Your Own Ebook    View Example

Income Activator shows you how to create your own EBook,
including Soft Cover copies too!

Payments can be easily set up through your Pay Pal, credit card services or other forms of payments.
3. Your Own Online Store    View Example
You can also have your own Online Store selling your own Products or Services.

Your store takes orders, tracks sales, sets pricing, taxes, sets shipping orders & takes payments.
There is also an Affiliate Program for you to allow other websites to sell your products or services. 


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