You receive a ready-to-go responsive website, where you can edit it without the added costs of a webmaster. You can easily add:

1. Content All you do is type in and save your work

 2. Pictures - You simply click and download your picture.

3. Videos - Copy & paste the video code into your page.

4. Links - Highlight the words to link and copy the page address.

YouTube Update for Adding A Video

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Your Income Activator website comes with how-to-videos. You do not need to have, find, or pay a webmaster to edit your pages for you. We also offer custom website design if you need a totally unique look and feel.

Revenue Streams You Can Activate

Our revenue models are built into your Income Activator website. These include an online store, pay per click ads, lead generation, our referral programs, and creating a membership website. The revenue you make is your own, and never shared with Income Activator. View Our Revenue Streams 

No Extra Charges - Fee & Unlimited   

1. Support is Free - You receive unlimited telephone, email, and live chat support for your questions.  Plus there's free How To Videos.

2. Hosting is Free - Your website is hosted by Codero, hosting websites for Delta Airlines, American Express, NBC News, and Expedia.

3. Unlimited Bandwidth - Most website builders make you pay to increase bandwidth. You automatically get the maximum bandwidth at no extra charge.

4. Unlimited Storage -  Most website builders make you pay to increase storage for adding videos and images. You automatically get the maximum storage at no extra charge.

5. Free Emails - Google charges a monthly rate for business emails. This service is free with Income Activator.

6. Updates are Free - Your website builder is updated on a regular basis, keeping you current with new technology. 

Features vs Cost

Your Income Activator website has the most built in features necessary to making money online, more than any other website builder.

Included is our proprietary Pay Per Click & Referral Programs. You can also attach these revenue streams to any website or blog to generate revenue.

Your Income Activator program includes everything you need for one flat fee of $60 per month. There are no cancellation fees, and your website's content and revenue remains your own. 

Compare Income Activator to Other Website Builders  

Warning - Other Website Builders give you what amounts to an online brochure. Extras like email marketing, online store, hosting, and domain attachment cost extra and quickly add up. 

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