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Income Activator is the only website platform with Pay Per Click, Lead and Directory Referral Tracking Software, allowing you to be paid by sending leads to businesses.

Sales vs Leads 

Here's the traffic needed to make money, comparing SALES vs LEADS.

Pay Per Click Referrals

PPC income activators referral program

Income Activator's Pay Per Click program runs exactly like Google AdSense, however you get to keep 100% of your click revenue.

With your own Pay Per Click Ads (PPC) you can send visitors from your website to an advertiser's website, charging per click.

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Lead Generation Referrals

Leads for Income Activators Referral Program

Imagine a Health & Beauty Spa paid you $20 every time you recommended them. Now you can do this online.

When a visitor comes to your website to read about what you have to say, you can recommend to them a company you feel they should check out.

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Directory Referrals

You can send one visitor to multiple businesses at the same time and be paid by all these advertisers at once.

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Referral Programs Run On All Websites Or Blogs

Embed your referral programs into any website or blog. Add your own advertisers to any of Income Activator's Referral Programs. Set your own referral rates. Your tracking links, and invoices are automatically created.

Referral Revenue

You're paid by sending leads to companies through Income Activator's Referral Program. Leads can be set out to one company at a time or to multiple companies to bid on.   You can set up any type of Referral Form you want to capture information like names, email addresses and so forth, to send to companies world wide.

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Tracking Leads & Referrals

 Income Activator's Referral programs automatically tracks all clicks and leads sent to your referral companies or advertisers. Advertisers are also given their own Login Account to view their leads.

Billing Your Referral Companies

Income Activator generates all invoices for you to send to your advertisers for payment. 

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