You can send one visitor to multiple businesses at the same time and be paid by all these companies at once.

It works like this... Your visitor requests information or a quote, by completing a referral form.

lead incomeThey are then presented with a list of businesses, that have received their request, and will be providing them with quotes. The company that gives the visitor the best price or service gets the business.

You can have as many referrals businesses as you want. You can even charge different rates for each referral business.  An email is sent to all businesses in real time, and another email is sent to the visitor with all the business names and their contact information. You can also send an email to yourself telling you that you just made money!

If you already have a website or blog you can use Income Activator's Lead Software as an add-on and run your own revenue stream sending leads to your own advertisers, when you register for a website.

One Lead To Multiple Businesses Is Very Profitable

The reason these leads are so profitable a revenue stream is that it takes very few visitors to make a lot of money.  For example, you can send one visitor lead to 10 companies. If all companies/advertisers pay $10 each for the opportunity to bid for the visitor's business, one lead earns you, the website owner, $100.

Website Demo

This Demo Website sends leads to painting contractors. When the visitor describes the painting job they want quoted, enters their description of the painting job, and clicks on the submit button, they’re shown a list of 10 painters and their contact information.

View this demo website;

leads To Companies

Start Sending Leads To Companies

Begin with a company that's service based, like fitness coach, dentist,
or nutritionist, and start with $10 per lead.

Then create pages of good content and have your referral form offering your visitors a free consultation provided by your referral company, like a free nutrition consultation. As you know, food is medicine.

Then add on other kinds of referral companies after you make your first referral program work. As you will then be an expert!

Begin by sending these leads to yourself and talk to your visitor that completed your referral form. If it's a good lead, then pass it onto your referral company, or a company you want to send leads to, and sign them up!

You may wish to give the first lead for free, then charge for them for the next lead. Make sure that the first 10 leads go to you, to make sure that your website is creating good, qualified leads. You'll know if your leads are good after talking to a dozen or so of your visitors.

Please enjoy reading my free eBook. It's an entertaining outline on how to create your own online income by sending leads to businesses that pay you.  GET RICH... By Telling People Where To Go

Where To Find Advertisers 

Any company that bids on jobs, offers quotes, or competes for projects would love for a chance to bid for leads in your Directory. This referral model is perfect for contractors, graphic designers, rental companies, photographers, interior designers, and so forth.

These advertisers are probably already using Google AdSense to get visitor leads, and could be paying $10 per click. A person completing a referral form is worth double what a click is worth.

An ad in a newspaper can cost the advertiser $1,000’s of dollars, a radio ad can double that, and a TV ad can triple that, all with absolutely no guarantee of a lead. Yet companies keep paying for this type of advertising. These companies have sales budgets, and they need to spend them. Getting a qualified lead handed to you, to quote on a job is the best advertising a company can buy!

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