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directory revenue Leads are the most profitable online revenue model ever. You can be your own AngiesList!

Best way of creating passive income! You can have your own Directory or Resource page sending leads to businesses you recommend and get paid for it. 

Leads for Directories / Leads to Contractors / Leads to Services /  Leads to Multiple Companies when Bidding for Business.

STOP liking companies that aren't paying you for your leads!

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Make Money By Send Leads Though Your Cell Phone

It Works Like This

Imagine a Health & Beauty Spa paid you $20 every time you recommended them. Now you can do this online.

When a visitor comes to your website to read about what you have to say, you can recommend to them a company you feel they should check out. Further, they get to be 'Personally Recommended by YOU' when they complete a referral form, by entering in their contact information.

In fact, the form to the right; Get Your Website Now, is a referral form.

If you already have a website or blog you can use Income Activator's Referral software as an plug in. The you can begin your own referral revenue stream, sending leads to your own advertisers. All you need to do is register for an Income Activator website to use its referral software.

You Can Make $1000's In Revenue A Month

It's easier to make money online by 'recommending' to your visitors where to go, then trying to 'sell' them something. Most of your visitor traffic will follow your recommendations, which makes you money, where as only 1% of your visitors may buy from you. In fact, a Nielsen Study reported that up to 90% of visitors follow recommendations.

So do the math. If you have 100 visitors to your website, and one person buys one $10 item, you've made $10, BUT if you refer 50 people to companies that pay you $10 per lead, you've made $500.   

The Internet has evolved and become a 'Review' economy. people now look to reviews and recommendations before making a purchase online. From Amazon, to Yelp to Angie's List, reviews and recommendation by perceived online authorities matter. Advertiser know it's harder to sell things online without good recommendations.

Example Of A Referral Form

Here's an example of a demo website for Finding A Lawyer, with a referral form that sends leads to Law Firms. 

People Trust Friends & Authorities

You can have a lucrative Internet business with the experience, knowledge or passion you have right now, as you can send leads to advertisers for any topic or industry. That you know can make you an Authority online. people  Love to be recommended to places and people.

people like to be able to say "Mr. Authority recommended me to you." And, companies that sell online realize the power of recommendations, and they are willing to pay for it. There's no better sales force out there then one person recommending to another person which business to go to for help or to get the best buy.

Companies Love Leads

Advertisers, like law firms, are paying Google $60 per click. A person completing a referral form should be worth at least double what a click is worth. That means 100 referrals could be potentially worth $6,000!

An ad in a newspaper can cost the advertiser $1,000’s of dollars, a radio ad can double that, and a TV ad can triple that, all with absolutely no guarantee of a lead.

Yet companies keep paying for this type of advertising, because they have sales budgets that need to be spent, and no one has offered them a better alternative, until now.

Referrals are at the top of the list for the best return per advertising dollar. The advertiser doesn't pay unless you give them a lead.

How To Start Sending Leads To Companies

Begin with a company that's service based, like fitness coach, dentist, or nutritionist. Start $10 per lead.

Then create pages of good content, and have your referral form offering your visitors a free consultation provided by your referral company, like a free nutrition consultation. As you know, food is medicine.

Then add on other kinds of referral companies after you make your first referral program work. As you will then be an expert!

Begin by sending the leads to yourself. Talk to your visitor that completed your referral form for a free consultation. If it's a good lead, then pass it on to your referral company, or a company you want to send leads to.

You may wish to give the first lead for free, then charge for them. Make sure that the first 10 leads go to you, to make sure that your website is creating good leads. You'll know if your leads are good after talking to a dozen or so of your visitors. 

How A Lead Is Made

A lead is generated when your visitor enters in their contact information into your referral form to get the advertiser’s contact information. You can ask whatever question you would like on your referral form. For instance if you where to send leads to a chiropractor they may want to know the type of injury you have.

You can begin by providing referrals to people from companies you’re already recommending. You can easily create your own 'Referral Forms' which track your leads, and create your invoices.

Advertisers who are using Google ads to get their leads are going to love the quality of the leads that you can offer them through your referral forms as they receive real contact information as opposed to a random click that they can't follow up with.

Even if your visitor enters in false information into the referral form, it is still considered a lead. The lead is dependent on the visitor getting the advertiser's contact information, not on the advertiser getting the visitor's contact information. The reason for this is simple. Some person, enter in fake names, like Daffy Duck, yet may still contact the advertiser as a real lead. However, you have the option of sending the visitor contact information to the advertiser, and the advertiser can also log into a section of your website to look up their leads. 

Finally, remember, a lead is never based on the referrals companies ability to sell. Newspapers, TV, radio, Google AdSense, no one bases their advertising on a companies ability to make a sale, and you shouldn't either. 

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