This is the program I use to create this website, and others too, like Pat Foran of CTV.

You get a Website which would cost $1,000's for a programmer to build for you.
If you can type, you can make your own changes & updates, anytime, from anywhere.

Here are some of your Website Features & Controls
with examples showing how easy it is to operate:

Upon Registration  To view example click here.
You'll receive a ready-made website, which you can begin to personalize immediately.
This program allows you to manage your own website pages.
You can also attach this website program to your existing website.

Your Website Includes a Bookmark Feature, Tell a Friend Option, Site Map & Search Bar. Tech Support is Available & All Website Upgrades Are Free!

Create a Page  To view example click here
You can add, delete or update your websites pages instantly. While you are working on your pages, you can hide them. You can also change the size, font & color of your text.
You can change any of the colors of your website.

Add Pictures  To view example click here  
You can easily upload pictures, size them & place them anywhere on your page.   

Add Videos  To view example click here
You can easily upload & resize them & place
videos anywhere on your page.
Messaging  To view example click here
You can send out an unlimited number of emails, anytime & as often as you wish.
You can
time them when to go out. You can download your email lists &
send out messages in bulk or individually.

Add Links
You can link from one page to another, or to another website.

Creating A Form
You can create your own forms, ask an unlimited number of questions & Collect Data.

Search Engine Optimization
You can tell the Search Engines, like Google how to index your website pages to be displayed for the correct searches.

Add A Blog
You can set up a part of your website to accept visitor’s comments & control it if you want these comments to be seen.

Membership Access
You can set up a password protected section to your website & have the option of charging membership fees for access.

Track Your Visitor Activity
You can monitor how many people come to your website & where they're coming from.

Programming Out Side The Box
You can also do your own HTML Code, if desired.

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