Your 1 Minute Business Presentation

Elevator pitch
This is one way to create a 60 second elevator pitch.
Don’t give information in your 60 seconds… ask questions instead
You have 60 seconds… did you know that 1.8 billion vaccinations are given every year.
Did you know that…..Did you know… if you don’t know how to address this – I have the answer…

Don’t tell people about it
What are 3 did you know questions you can ask that your decisions makers don’t know…
urgency of the issue, size of the market, did you know a stat, by this you have already
turned a monologue into a dialogue…

Don’t explain ideas
Get them involved… in a conversation with the product…
The goal is to intrigue them and intrigue them fast.
Fastest way to pull them out of their preoccupation….
Turn it into what their decision makers are interested in… information, problem, and money

To get this information out to the masses.

The Did YOU Know Technique – 3 Steps
Step 1: It is important to be aware… Go to the problem: is it ignorance, isolation, unhappiness….

Get the Jan. Feb. issue of Harvard Business Review as it gives data on happiness Metrics and on well-being
Did you know that 67% of the people don’t like what they see when they look in a mirror….did you know…did you know…
What can you say that would surprise them? Startlingly relevant.
If people are jaded etc. – go right there first – address the elephant in the room and get this dialogue going…
How to turn resistance into receptivity – a NO into a YES – turning skeptics into believers….
If you are solving people’s pain – you are making progress.
Step 2: Imagine – What if your best case scenario – goal is for someone to say – Who wouldn’t want this???

Imagine if there were a show each day that would….
Imagine if there were topics about anything you wanted to know.
Imagine if there was a show that didn’t waste your time – giving real world information for right now.
The goal is to think of decision makers in terms of what they want – I haven’t heard this before, it is a need I want addressed.
Step 3: You don’t have to imagine this – We have created it… We can deliver this… We have been doing this for X number of years
There are respected sources who also support what you do…
Use The Empathy Telescope
We can put ourselves in the shoes of one person but not of millions… we can relate to one person but not to a company.
Where is an example of where one person had a challenge re frustration and as a result of using your product – you solved this problem.

Definition of Original
people haven’t heard it before. Here your goal is to create intriguing ideas people haven’t heard before and present it with a problem solving format.
Use Airtight Sound Bites
If people can’t repeat what they heard, then there is a problem.
Make sure you create a money message which they can repeat word for word.
i.e. Best Buy, Dirt Devil, you can’t build around an unpronounceable name – if they can’t get it, they won’t repeat it…
Those sleeves on coffee cups manufacturer call the sleeve Java Jackets….
Keep it simple and fun!
Put it in a beat. It is easier to repeat. Repeat ability is the key…
Rhyme – Rhyme is sublime - It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got a ring….. Click it or ticket…..v.s. buckle up for safety…
To change behaviour we must use language to catch their interest and motivate which will give your message legs…to positively impact people for a long time.
i.e. We sell houses - the house you never thought you could afford!
i.e. Nutrients is the key word – did you know what is the worst things that everyone does – drink ice drinks.
If people just changed this one habit….flushing out the congealed junk out of their system – most diets restrict nutrients, and that is why people return to their normal weight when they return to their normal eating habits….
Everything has to be real world
It has to be visible, Re-callable, and Measurable.
i.e. What do you mean by acidic? 
Primary prerequisite for change is ‘urgency’ – did you know that – timing, perfect storm re: properties on the market...
this window of opportunity is to last three months or less and they need to take this opportunity.

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