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An authority is someone people trust for good information and content. people love advice from a good authority and their website. You can be an authority figure simply by speaking from experience. You do not require any credentials or degrees to be an authority.

Your Opinion Has A Market Value

You can have a website that makes you money from your advice. Create quality content that is useful to your visitors. You can make money online without selling anything by becoming an authority in your field and referring people to other companies.

You're 90% more likely to get a consumer to follow your recommendations than to get someone to buy something from you. people don’t believe what you say about you, they believe what other people say about you. In your own field or area of interest, creating good content from your own experience and recommendation to your visitors in your area of interest.

You give recommendations and act as an authority everyday, people ask you where to eat, where to shop, or where to go for help. You would ask a waiter 'what to order' at a restaurant, anyone can be an authority on the information they possess right now.

You can create a website with great content that people would go to because you are seen as an authority on your niche or field. You can make money on your website or blog easily by posting great content that people can follow.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing love authority websites which contain good information and tend to display them ahead of websites trying to sell someone something.

Publish Good Content Consistently

You need to add a new page with good content almost daily if possible. It could be a Blog post, an article, some tips, or top 10 list. There is news and events happening everyday in your field and people wanting to read content about these stories.

Being Well Informed - Finding Content, Commenting, and Interacting

Stay on top of industry news so you can write content, comment, and talk about it to visitors interested in your advice.

You can customize and filter most of this information to your specific field. You don't need to check all of these everyday, one thing you can do is have alerts setup to go to your email as soon as a new story goes online.

  • Digg: You can post content on Digg and share your site with a huge community.

  • Twitter: This microblogging service is great for networking with other authority-site owners.

  • reddit: Search for your specific field, niche, and interests and subscribe to those subreddits to only see content worth your time.

  • Google Alerts: Sign up for Google Alerts, and you'll be notified every time there's a new result for the keywords that you specify.

  • LinkedIn: Use LinkedIn to get connected with other professionals in your field, as well as your visitors.

Don't Be Faceless

When you have an authority website, do not make it a faceless identity. Put your picture on the front page. This works wonders. It makes your visitors confident that you are backing what they're reading.

This increases the power of your recommendations dramatically. The best of both worlds is to have your image as the cover page to your video.

Adding pictures and videos is easy to do, and the learning curve showing you how to do this is only a few minutes. You only need to watch a quick video in your marketing section and you’ll be an instant pro. In your marketing section, it even shows you how to
free visitor traffic from visitors sending your website to their friends.

Simple stuff like babies talking can bring in huge visitor traffic. This example of go about creating your own videos.

Get Around & Talk About What You're Passionate About

Getting around the websites, forums, and Blogs related to your field and making yourself known is an important part of being an authority. You need to post comments on the good articles you read, reply to posts on forums, and guest writing for other Blogs.

Being a regular participant in social network discussions also plays a key role in establishing yourself as an authority.

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