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Your Income Activator program allows you to send one lead to multiple companies at the same time. Each company pays you for the visitor's contact information.

When a visitor to your website completes your referral form they’re shown a directory of your referral companies. 

You can have as many referrals companies as you want, and charge whatever you want them to pay every time your visitor enters their contact information to view your directory of referral companies.

An example of this is a website where a visitor would go to get the best painting quote:

The visitor would enter in the painting job, and the lead is automatically emailed to all 10 painters. Each painter pays $10 for a chance to quote. Therefore, 1 visitor referral is worth $100 to the website owner. If you only had 10 referrals a day, that's $1,000 a day and $60,000 a month!

Painting website lead generation

Any company that bids on jobs, offers quotes, or competes for projects would be great for a directory program.

These companies could include contractors, graphic designers, rental companies, photographers, interior designers, and so forth.

bidding on leads

You can create your own referral website to send leads to companies in any field. You can create a referral form as easily as you can type and ask any questions that would relate to your advertisers.

Here's a demo website where you can see how you can send Leads to Multiple Contractors.

Contractor leads website

multiple leads



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