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See if ' Your Name' is still available as a domain name by doing a search on  If it's available, register it & don't pay more than $15 a year.

 Identity Theft

In this world of identity theft, you need to secure Your Name as a Domain Name so that someone doesn't register it, and use it to sell
their products or services.

Be sure to register your name with both the .COM and .CA exchanges. There are lots of other extensions available for you to choose from, like .NET, .TV, .INFO. View more exchanges.

If you already have a website, you can redirect your to your business website. Doing this makes it easier to refer people to your website, as they may not remember your website's domain name.
For example, I registered my name as a Domain Name, and point it to

Warning. Do NOT pay more than $20 for a 1 year subscription.

A friend of mine was buying an $12.99 Domain Name, but when going through the process of purchasing it from GoDaddy, their sale's rep made it sound like he needed 'other stuff'. My friend was about to pay over $400!!! for an $12.99 Domain Name when I stopped him.

Your Income Activator website comes with everything you need, like hosting. Just buy your Domain Name, and never pay more than $20 per year. However, it's recommended to purchase a 2 year subscription as Google is more inclined to display websites that are in it for the long term.

Once you register, and get an Income Activator website, we'll attach it to your website free of charge.

Then when some one is looking for you online, they can simply type your name into the Google Search Bar, and your website will come up in the search results.

What If Your Name Is Taken 

If Your Name is already taken, try to get a variance of your name, i.e. or

If Your Name is taken, you can also find out who owns it by going to

You can then contact the person and ask if they are interested in selling you the Domain Name. They may sell it to you relatively inexpensively.

You can also call GoDaddy and ask them to alert you if your name every becomes available.
There is a small fee for them to do that, but it's worth it. 

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