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Search for 'PPC Affiliates' and embed their website into yours.

Here's an example of Affiliate PPC websites for Insurance * Mortgage *  Loans * Credit Cards embedded. View Website.


With your own Pay Per Click Ads (PPC) you can send a visitor from your website to another website and charge your advertiser per click.

Keep 100% Of The Click Revenue 

Have A Website Or Blog?

If your already have a website of blog, you can use Income Activator's Referral Software as an add-on, and run your own PPC program. All you need to do is register for an Income Activator website to use its referral software. 

Advantages To Your Own PPC Ads 

You are in complete control. When you're running PPC ads through consolidators, like Google AdSense, there's always a risk of being removed because of false clicks. Plus, you don't have control if an inappropriate ad, or competitor's ads appears on your website.

With your own PPC program you are not restricted to a certain ad size or copy. You can offer to your advertisers extra space for pictures and even videos. You can also link text so it looks like a link to a resource company. The link then tracks the clicks, directing your visitors to your advertiser's website, as shown below.

You can even link a picture or banner, and when a visitor to your website clicks
on the banner, the clicks are tracked and an invoice is automatically generated. 

How Much Is A Click Worth?

A click is worth whatever the advertiser wants to pay you for it. The best starting point is to ask your advertiser if they are using PPC Ads anywhere to get traffic to their website. If they are, ask them how much they're paying and what Ad copy they are using.

As a starting point you may want to offer them the same PPC rate but a much bigger space for their ad copy. This way the advertiser can provide more information to your visitor, creating a far better lead for them.

Advertisers are happy to get visitors from websites that promote and support their business. Plus it's better for the advertiser
to get a click from a website supporting their business, but not in competition with their business.

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