The Are 2 Types Of Pay-Per-Click Income Options

1. Your Own Pay-Per-Click Income - You earn 100% of the PPC revenue.

2. Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Income - A middleman controls your PPC income stream.

Below is a PPC  Adsense Calculator you can use to estimate your earnings

1. Your Own Pay-Per-Click Income

Your Income Activator Website Builder allows you to create your own Pay-Per-Click Tracking Links, cutting out the middleman, and keeping 100% of your click income.

With your own Pay-Per-Click Ads  you can send a visitor from your website to another website, and charge your advertiser a pay-per-click rate you decide on. This means you are in full control over your advertisers and click rates. 

Pay-Per Click Website Example

Here's an example of Income Activator's Pay-Per Click Links, which you can link to words or images. Your links are tracked, and your invoices are automatically created for billing your advertisers. There's no limit on the number of advertisers you can create pay-per click programs for.

free pay per click links
If your already have a website of blog, you can use Income Activator's PPC Software as an add-on, and run your own PPC program. All you need to do is register for an Income Activator website to use its PPC software.

With your own PPC program you are not restricted to a certain ad size or copy. You can offer to your advertisers extra space for pictures, and even videos. 

You can also link text so it looks like a link to a resource company. 

How Much Is A Click Worth?

A click is worth whatever the advertiser wants to pay you for it. The best starting point is to ask your advertiser if they are using PPC Ads anywhere to get traffic to their website. If they are, ask them how much they're paying and what Ad copy they are using.

As a starting point you may want to offer them the same PPC rate but a much bigger space for their ad copy. This way the advertiser can provide more information to your visitor, creating a far better lead for them.

How To Find Advertisers

Advertisers are happy to get visitors from websites that promote and support their business. Plus, it's better for the advertiser 
to get a click from a website supporting and promoting their business. 

2. Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Income

This is where you have a middleman, like Google Adsense, supply you with advertisers.

pay per click ad income

Income Activator's Website Builder allows you to put 3rd Party Pay-Per-Click Ads on any or all of your pages.

PPC Warning: There is a downside to using 3rd Party Pay-Per-Click Ads. You have no idea of their algorithms, meaning you can't track your clicks, or the amount they pay you per click.  

This has become a big problem for many entrepreneurs as the click rate is substantially lower, with far less clicks expected, or reported. You also can't control the advertisers they put on your website, and whether these advertisers align with your topic.

It is very hard to create any level of income with these type of  3rd Party Pay-Per-Click Ads.

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