What is a webinar?

In short, a webinar is a meeting that takes place on the Internet.  This is different than telephone conferences because with the web conference you are able to use text, audio and video in your meeting.

Here are a few occasions when web conferencing can be of benefit to you:

        New product launches

        Brainstorming sessions

        Staff meetings

        New product training

        Sales presentations

What do I need to start a webinar?


        Internet (56kbps or better)


        Web Conferencing Software

Who offers this service?

        E/Pop (http://www.wiredred.com/) - Video conferencing, web conferencing, and online meeting software.

        Go To Meeting (https://www.gotomeeting.com/) - Online Meetings Made Easy

        Microsoft Office Online (http://www.microsoft.com/uc/livemeeting/default.mspx)

        Collaborate online with just a PC and an Internet connection.

        SmileTiger (http://www.smiletiger.com/) - Industry leading web conferencing, video conferencing, and virtual classroom software.

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