Building An Email List

To see how to create and send an email message through your Income Activator website, click here.

people subscribe to mailing lists when you:
· Educate
· Inspire
· Motivate
You'll want to build an email list of both potential customers and existing customers.
To build a list of potential customers you will need to create an 'Opt In' form to capture the visitor's name and email address. One way to do this is to offer information in exchange for your visitor's completing you opt-in form. You can create any kind of form you want by clicking on the 'Forms' tab and select 'Create A Form.' 
You want ‘quality visitors’ verses ‘quantity of visitors’.
One way of getting quality visitors is by marketing to them through promotional partners.

Promotional Partners
Promotion partners can be one of your best lead sources. For example, if your website sells dog bones, you may want to find someone with a website that provides dog training.

Offer to give the website owner a video about dog nutrition which educates, inspires and motivates the dog lover to make healthier choices for their pet.

Also offer to give his visitors free tips on the best raw foods for dogs. For their visitors to get these tips, they simply go to your website and enter in their first name and email address to view this information. You can also email it out to them as a report.
You can also offer a Free Report as a bonus to website owners selling stuff. This way the website owner can provide extra value for their buyers and you get qualified visitors to your website to get their free bonus. Of course to get their free report they have to complete your opt-in form.
This is a great way to build a list, as from proven buyers. 
Buying Lists  

It is high risk to buy a list. These people do not know you and sending them an email is considered spam.
If you buy a list, you can not use the Income Activator mailing server for risk of our Internet provider blocking our server.

If you do, your website will be removed. This was part of the terms and conditions you agreed to upon registration.
If you have bought a mailing list and want to use it, you'll have to use another mailing server other then the one provided by Income Activator.
A Mail Server you may want to talk to is Constant Contact.

Emails Must Have UnSubscribe Links

Spammer CartoonIncome Activator's Messaging Service
When sending out emails through your Income Activator messaging service there is an unsubscribe link that people can click on if they no longer want to receive your emails.
Otherwise, if there was not an unsubscribe link, the only way people would have to get off your mailing list by clicking on their spam folder.
You don't want your emails reported as spam for 2 reasons

1. If your email is reporter as spam, it negatively impacts your email Deliver ability rate. Plus you can't communicate to these people again.

2. It's uncomfortable for someone to have to either call or email you and ask you to take them off your list.

When people opt out, you want to leave them with good feelings about your brand. They might be unsubscribing now, but that doesn't mean you have to lose them as a customer forever.

Your Email Lists
You can also separate people into different lists. For example, people who have bought and potential buyers.
To learn more about sending emails through your Income Activator mail server, click here.

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