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When you get your website, you'll be able to see it online. However, you'll want to get a Domain Name for your website. This is what a person would type into their browser address bar for your website to come up.

How To Get A Domain Name

All you need to do to get a domain name is go to a registrar like and enter in a name you’d like for your website. Instantly, it will tell you if it's available.

DO NOT pay more than $20.00 per year for your Domain Name, or pay for any extras. Your Income Activator website builder comes with everything you need. I was listening to a friend of mine on the phone registering a domain name and the operator was talking him into $450 worth of extras, which he was about to pay. I yelled; “STOP!!! Just buy the domain name for $20 that’s all you need and dinner’s on you!”

Always register your domain name for at least a 2 year period as this tells the search engines you’re serious about your website business, and it’s not just a fly by night venture.

Choosing The Right Domain Name

The domain name that’s attached to your website is also known as a URL, which describes what your website is about to the search engines. Ideally, you want a domain name that describes what your website is about, that’s memorable and ends in .com. No one ever got rich selling a .net domain.

If the .com exchange is taken, you could use another exchange like .net, .ca, .org, .tv, or .biz as the search engines don’t add any weight to what exchange it is. Then you would point your ‘Blue Buffalo Domain Name’ to your keyword rich ‘Natural Dogs Foods Domain Name’.

Registering Your Own Name

In this world of identity theft you’ll want to register your own name as a domain name before someone else registers it and uses it for nefarious purposes. You can then simply tell people to type in your name to get to your website. Then ask you registrar to point your domain name to your website’s domain name.

If your name is already taken, then try to get a variance of your name, i.e. or
You can find out who owns your name by going to and typing your name into their search box. You can also try to contact the person that owns your name and ask them if they would sell it to you.

Your Country's Exchange

Even though you should always get a .com extension for your memorable domain you may also wish to purchase your country's exchange;

Canada: .CA
United States: .US
United Kingdom: .CO.UK

If you don't, and your website becomes well known, someone may pick up your domain name under your country’s exchange and ‘pick up’ your visitor traffic too.

Be Careful How Your Domain Reads

Be careful how your domain name looks like when all the words are together with no spaces. All of these are legitimate companies that didn't know to do this. You can't make this stuff up. is where you can find agents representing celebrities, NOT representing ladies of the night: is where you go when you’re looking for a great pen. But it can be read as is where you go if you’re in the need of a Therapist. But it could be read as



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