eBay and Other Online Auctions:


Auctions are a major player in selling goods and services now.  They’ve come a long way from just selling Uncle Bob’s old Joe Pepitone and Carmen Fanzone baseball cards.


By listing items for sale on one or more auction sites you can be exposed to hundreds or even thousands of potential customers. Remember, only one bidder wins.  It’s often a good idea to offer low cost items or even something that won’t make a lot of profit but make your website known on your auction site so all the losers of the auction can make their way to your site.


Let bidders know that you have other items available at other auctions or on your website.


Cost: You may have to pay a listing fee for your item that is a factor of the selling price of your item. It’s usually a couple bucks. Some sites don’t charge at all.


Time: Setting up your account is the most time consuming part. You may already have products you can sell, websites, sales copy, etc. You can use all this at the auction site.


A portion of your time will be spent answering questions by email.

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