Customize Google AdSense Ad Style & Colours

This page will show you how to customize your Google Ad's look and style to match your website or look the way you want.

This page will also show you how to get the exact colour code from your Income Activator website to use on your Google ads.

After you're done customizing your ad, you can find out how to place the ad on your page by clicking here.

1. Use Custom Settings  Click on 'Use Custom Settings' to show the ad sections you can customize.

2. Colour Code  You can enter an exact colour code to match a colour exactly.

3. Colour Box  You can click on the colour box to choose a colour if you don't want to use the colour code.

4. Ad Preview  This preview will update as soon as you change a color. Use this preview to get the exactly look and feel you want.

5. Save & Get Code Click the Save button and your AdSense Code will pop up. You then copy this code and paste it into the Income Activator website page(s) where you want the ads to appear.

How To Match Colours Exactly To Your Website

To match the colours on your website to your Google ad, go to the top bar 'Your Account', then from the dropdown click on 'Customize Your Colours'.

Copy the code in the Income Activator colour box and paste it into the box in AdSense.

The small colour box will change in AdSense to let you know you've got the right colour.

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