Book Review

I've read your book and laughed a number of times. Mostly at your "interpretation" of your mom's advice of never giving it away for free. Well written book - it's actually telling me things I didn't know, and giving me ideas. You're a good cartoonist as well!

Michael Marzolini - President Of Pollara - Public opinion polling for the Government, banks, and other major corporations in Canada and the US.

Book Review

I love your book, I couldn't put it down.
It's both entertaining and informative, and each chapter leads into another seamlessly.
After reading your book, I've decided to change my book format to the way you did it.

Darren Monroe - President Of Consultant, Author, Speaker
TODAY's Multi-Millionaires eBook

Book Review

I loved your book, in fact I'm following your advice in setting up referral program sending leads to law firm that pay me.

Lee Hathaway - Owner of The

Book Review

I was so excited about having my own online business that I could work on from home that I printed out your book and read it on the train to and from work.

Now I've got my own website and I love entering my recipes and updating my site everyday and most of all, getting paid for it.

Glenda Wheeler -

Book Review

I loved the way your book flowed, there was no fluff, it was all good information which built upon itself.

Now I've got a website that I can make money from, that I can work on while travelling.

Billy -
Health & Wellness

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