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You can have your art work and cell phone photos displayed as stock photography to people doing online searches in all the search engines including Google Images.

When someone clicks on your image, they're directed to your website where they can buy it.

You may just have the perfect photo for someone's website, brochure, eBook, or TV production, and they can buy it from you online store. Images can sell for $100's of dollars, and you can resell them again and again.

Stock photography might seem like something only professional photographers can do, but through the Internet now anyone can play in this arena, and turn their cell phone photos into a profitable enterprise. 

Art & Stock Photography Websites 

Here are some examples of websites using Income Activator's online store to sell their art & photography:

1. Photos For Sale 

2. Rare Earth Elements

Art Directors Search Online For Images 

"What we're looking for usually is those everyday images. A girl and her dog,  a couple in the park." says Emily Weedon, an art director for the movie and TV industry.

"We're always looking online for photos and when we find a website where the image allows us to buy it easily and quickly, we return there, again and again. It's not unusual for us to pay $100, $500, $1,000, and even more, if it's a photo we need."

You can easily take payments by registering for your own PayPal account for free at

Your Income Activator website allows you to SEO each of your images for the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to index, and display to people doing online searches.

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