You Can Change Your Temporary Domain Name By Attaching Your Domain Name To It

Your temporary domain name is a temporary website name until you attach your own domain name to it. 

We attach your Domain Name for free. To do this simply advise us by completing this form:
 Attach My Domain Name

Temporary Domain Name

How To Change Your  Website Title

Website Title

To change your website title, click on the top bar entitled Customize, in the Website Title section, change the name in the box, scroll down and click the update button.

How to change your Logo, click here.

Change  website title Income Activator

How To Change The Title In Your Editor

Your editor title is to the top left when you login. No one sees this but you.

To change your editor's title, login, click on Account, Account Settings, go to Website Title section, change the name in box, scroll down, click update.

Change editor Title

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