You can generate an online income through financial affiliates from their pay per click revenue & sales programs.

QuinStreet offers Insurance, Mortgage, Personal Loans or Credit Card PPC and Sales programs. Their PPC programs can pay anywhere from $1 to $40 depending on the quality of the lead, and their Sales Commission for Credit Cards can pay anywhere from $40 to $200. 

* NOTE - Before you apply to any affiliate, make sure your Domain Name is attached to your website. If not, click here.

Income Activator Financial Templates

When you're approved as an affiliate Income Activator has 'Financial Page Template's you can use for your affiliate tracking links. You can also embed your affiliate pages into your website. Note: Some affiliates do not allow their pages to be embedded.

Financial Page Template Examples

PPC isnurance affiliate

Insurance page template

Mortgage page template

Personal Loan's page template

Credit Card page template

How To Become A QuinStreet Affiliate

To become a QuinStreet Affiliate a you can contact them directly at or we can submit your contact information to them for you when you complete the form below. 

QuinStreet Affiliate Inquiry
Full Name
Website Domain Name
Email Adrress
Phone Number
Country & State
Questions or Comments

Information QuinStreet Will Request From You

To register as a QuinStreet Affiliate you will need to provide the with the following;
a)  Tax Form:  W 9 Form or W 8 Form (the W 8 form is for businesses registered outside of the United States).
b)  Bank Deposit  Form: Authorizing QuinStreet where to send the money generated by your leads.
c)  VOID Check

Supporting Documents From Your Bank; 
a)  A copy of your bank statement, showing your account name and number (you can delete your transaction records).
b)  A letter from your bank verifying the your account number on bank letter head.



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