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If you’re using Google AdSense, you should also use Income Activator's Pay Per Click program where you can have your own advertisers, and earn money from both at the same time.

With Income Activator's Pay Per Click program you earn more money as you cut out the middleman (Google), and keep 100% of the click revenue.

This way you can gradually take back control of your click revenue by slowly adding your own advertisers that pay you directly. After all, if you're using AdSense, these advertisers are already advertising on your website. So, why not contact them and go direct. 

When you get your own advertisers, you can set your own Pay Per Click Rates. Clicks are tracked and invoices are created automatically.

Income Activator's program can be added onto any website or blog. Income Activator's website builder also includes all the Pay Per Click, Lead Generation, and Referral programs.

9 Reasons Why You Should Launch Your Own PPC Program

1. Keep 100% Revenue With Google AdSense, you make a reported 68% of the click revenue, with your own program through Income Activator, you keep 100%. There is no middle man.

2. Set Your Own Rate You can set your own pay per click rate instead of having to rely on Google's rates that you have no control over.

3. Recommend Your Advertisers You can set the advertiser apart and promote them with content such as images and videos to encourage clicks, unlike Google who will take you off if you encourage clicks.

3. Personalization Google personalizes the ads the person sees on your website based on the visitor's previous search history. This often doesn't match what your website is about which reduces the number of clicks. For example, if your website is about cooking and the person loves skiing, the ads shown to them may be about skiing, however the person would be more inclined to click on a food related ad when looking at recipe ideas than what new ski boots to buy.

4. Can't Encourage Clicks With your Income Activator program you encourage clicks with your recommendations to your advertisers because you know who they are and what kind of visitors they are looking for. This increases the amount of clicks and the money you make.

5. No Control You are the mercy of the search engines who allow you to run their ads on your website. If they take you off for whatever reason, you're doomed. You are not told how much money you make per click or which advertiser ads your visitors are clicking on. It's impossible to do any real revenue projections.

6. The Ads Don't Have To Look Like Ads With your own program you can customize the look and feel of your links and put them where you want. They can even appear as simple text links in the middle of an article.

7. No Quality Control You have no idea if the 'Lose 100lbs In 3 Days!!' product being advertised actually works, if one of your visitors tries it, they might blame you. With your own program you can promote products and services that you use.

8. No Content Control Google decides which ads to place on your website. Ads for dating websites or mail order brides could appear on your website. You should be the only one who decides what goes on your website.

9. Google Slap - You no longer have to worry about the Google slap taking the ads off your website from a rogue clicker or someone at Google who's in a bad mood. You're in charge of your own program and advertisers.

4 Reasons Why Advertisers Want To Leave AdSense

1. Limited Advertising Space - The advertiser is restricted to a small number of characters or limited space for their ad. This often leads the advertiser to a visitor they can't convert.

2. No Recommending - It's up to the advertiser to recommend themselves in the space they are assigned. The websites they advertise on have nothing good to say about them.

3. Grouped Ads - The advertiser is in direct competition with other advertisers using AdSense, an ad block could show up to 4 different advertisers who could be advertising similar services.

4. Ads Look Like Ads - AdSense ads look like ads, and because of this people might not even glance at them, let alone click on them.

How Your Own PPC Program Works

To start your own pay per click program, simply register for Income Activator. You can use an Income Activator website or the one you already have.

To find advertisers, you can contact the advertisers already advertising on your website and offer them a better option. You can also charge the advertiser more money than Google by giving them better positioning, and build them into your content as a resource.

You then add your pages and content and add your pay per click links. Income Activator tracks each click and automatically generates invoices. Your advertiser can also log into your website to review their clicks and referrals.

Take Your Referrals Up A Notch

You can also create a form that asks your visitor's name, email address, and any other kind of information and send the information directly to the advertiser. Advertisers love these kinds of leads because they can follow-up or remarket to this person, unlike a click where the visitor could be gone without a trace.

So if a click is worth X number of dollars, how much more do you think a lead would be worth?s at the same time for this lead. This is often the case for companies that bid for business such as renovation companies, designers, and so forth.

If you want to crank up your referral revenue even more, you can send one visitor lead to multiple advertisers and charge all the advertiser

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