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This video will show you how to find products you can private label with your own brand to sell in your website's online store. You can use Income Activator's online store to sell these products, affiliate products, and information products such as eBooks.

Free Document From (PDF): Finding Product Opportunities & 17 HOT Opportunities On Amazon

Finding Products To Sell In Your Online Store

You can see which products are selling very well online, right now. You can find the 100 best selling products for each category on Amazon to see which are currently popular.

A product is ideal if it costs between $7.00 and $40.00, is light weight and easy to ship, and can be private labelled easily.

How To Find Suppliers

Once you have selected a product, you need to find manufacturers or wholesalers to buy it from. You can do a Google search for 'Product Name Wholesale' or 'Product Name Private Label'. Make sure you do your research to make sure you're buying from the source, getting the lowest price, and getting a good quality product.

How To Begin Selling These Products Online

Income Activator can provide you with with a website you control with an online store included. The online store tracks sales, accepts multiple payment methods, calculates shipping, and generates invoices.

Document and video courtesy of AmazingSellingMachine.

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