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Website owners using Google AdSense are at risk of getting cancelled by Google and losing their ad revenue.

Having your own advertisers protects you from this and you can do that easily with Income Activator's pay per click and referral programs which you can attach to any website or blog.

Income Activator is also a powerful website builder that includes an online store, forms, and an email marketing system.

You can also run Google Ads in conjunction with your own Pay Per Click program, as you get your own advertisers and build your own referral revenue.

With Income Activator’s Pay Per Click program, you can send leads to your own advertisers, and set your own rates. The program automatically tracks clicks and creates the invoices.

Most website owners already sending leads to businesses they recommend, and not being paid for it. Now you can bill for their leads!

There's also a referral program that sends visitor contact information through referral forms, in real time, to your own advertiser.

Lee RomanovI'm Lee Romanov, has been sending leads to companies for over 20 years, online. This is what I used to generate over $50,000 per month by sending leads to insurance companies for $5 per lead. Now they’re worth up to $40 and more!

I developed this website builder and referral program. 

If you have any questions and want to speak to me directly,
please call me at 949-545-4211.

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