How To Upload & Link A Document

How To Embed A PDF: You can use our embed tool to embed a PDF document into a website page. View Example

This page will show you how to upload a document from your computer and put a link to it on one of your pages.

Documents could include PDF files, Microsoft Word Documents, Powerpoint Presentations, etc... 

1. Place Cursor Click 'Save & Exit' to Save your Page. You're done!

2. Downloadable Files Click on the 'Downloadable Files' icon shown in the screenshot.

How To Upload & Link A Document

1. Upload Click on the 'Upload' button, then select the document file from your computer, it will then upload.

2. Insert Click on the 'Insert' button after your document is finished uploading.

How To Upload & Link A Document

1. Link The link will appear in the content editor.

You can now change the link text (blue and underlined text) to say whatever you want, such as 'Click Here To Download The PDF'.

For example: 

How To Embed A PowerPoint Presentation 

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