How To Connect Your Domain To Income Activator Website

To connect your Domain Name to Income Activator Website, you'll need to forward your DNS Nameservers to our hosting servers.
To do this go to the company you registered your Domain Name with (i.e.
The 2 name servers you'll need to enter in are:
Nameserver 1:

Nameserver 2:

The screenshots below will show you how to do this in GoDaddy.
Other registrars may use a similar system so just look for the option to change your domain's nameservers or give them a call.

Connecting Your Domain Name Through GoDaddy

Go to and log into your account.

GoDaddy is continuously changing it's pages so you may have to look around for the titles and pages you need to go to.

You can also call GoDaddy, at (480) 505-8877 and they will talk you through how to set up your name servers.

Warning: GoDaddy is very good at selling you things you don't need. You have everything you need with your Income Activator website. Don't buy any upsells.

When you log into your GoDaddy account you will need to do the following:

1. All Products  Click on 'All Products'.

2. Domains Mouse over 'Domains'.

3. Domain Management  Click on 'Domain Management'. This will send you to the page showing a list of all of your domains.


Select The Domain Name You Want Connected

1. Domain  Click on the domain you want to connect to Income Activator.

Change Your Domain Name Settings To Your New Website Nameservers

These are the domain settings for this domain.

1. Set Nameservers Click on 'Set Nameservers'.

Enter In Your New Nameservers

This window will popup.

1. Select 'I have specific nameservers for my domains.'

2. Nameserver 1 Enter the nameserver exactly into this box:

3. Nameserver 2  Enter the nameserver into this box:

Make sure you double check to confirm you typed or pasted them in correctly. There should be no spaces.

4. Click 'Ok'

A message will appear to confirm your changes. It usually takes 24 hours for your nameserver change to take effect. Now that you've set your nameservers you can let us know at or using the form at the bottom of this page and we can connect your domain to your website!

Now We Take Over Connecting Your Domain Name

Once you've changed your domain's nameservers fill out the form below and we will connect your Income Activator account to your website.

How Long? After submitting the form your website will be online and visible to people within 48 hours.

Additional Domain Names?  If you've registered additional Domain Names for your website, simply have your registrar 'point' those domain names to your main domain name which you have just connected to your Income Activator website.

Your Domain Name To Connect *
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Your Full Name *
Your Email Address *
Your Telephone Number *
Your Domain Name Registrar's Login
(ie Your GoDaddy Login)
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