Income Activator’s marketing strategies walks you through how to make money online, and gives you a website to do it!
Google Places 1. Google My Business
If you have a store location add it to Google My Business
It's free and Google will present your location to people doing local searches.
Google Places 2. Do A Search
Go to and do a search as if you were a consumer looking for a company like yours. This is your competition that's displayed. Don't use 'one word' searches as they are too broad a term. Search using 2 to 4 keywords (i.e. Pizza Delivery Newport Beach).
Googles Keyword Planner 3. Check Out The Search Volumes
Use Google's free Keyword Planner were you can find out how many people per month enter in that search term. It also gives you suggestions of other search terms people are using to search for companies like yours.
target search 4. Decide On A Search Term
Decide on a search term that has a high search volume, where you 'most want' your website to come up when people enter this search term into the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing (i.e. Pizza Delivery Newport Beach). Then make this search term the first thing they read when they see the front page of your website. 
act now 5. Address Your Search Traffic & Give An Action
When you know what people are entering in to find your website, you'll know how to address them when they get there. people searching for ‘Pizza Delivery Newport Beach' will want to see ‘Fast Pizza Delivery for Newport Beach – CLICK HERE TO ORDER, or they'll leave your website.
SEO 6. Get To The Top Of The Search Engines
See what your competition is doing by entering in your main search term; i.e. Pizza Delivery Newport Beach. Count how many times ‘Pizza Delivery Newport Beach’ is written in their content, and how many pages of content their website has. Then create more pages of content, and build in your search term, and related search terms into your content. Related search terms would be like ‘Gluten Free Pizza’ and ‘Deep Dish Pizza’. You'll want to select search terms that exceed 10,000 searches per month from Google's Keyword Planner.
7. Keep Adding Content To Your Site
Search engines display sites that are being updated on a regular basis, ahead of sites that haven’t been updated in a while (which is about 98% of your competition). Plus, the more pages you have, the more pages you’ll have indexed by the search engines, the more visitor traffic you’ll get, and the more money you'll make.
finger people 8. Add Original Pictures
Pictures you add to your website (when indexed) will be displayed in Google images,
and will link people doing online searches to your website when they click on the image.
9. Add Videos
Google displays website pages that have videos on them, ahead of pages without videos (Probably because they bought YouTube). You can use any videos you find on YouTube and add them to your website. The more interesting the video, the more likely someone will tell their friend to check it out, and the more visitor traffic you’ll get (<-click on the video, it's a laugh).
control button 10. Control Your Own Online Business
Don't put yourself in a spot where you have to find, and pay a webmaster to make changes to your website. Using Income Activator's website platform to run your website on allows you to make changes, create pages, add pictures, videos, forms, do email marketing, and more, as easily as you can type.

Bonus Tips

Google Ads

Add Google AdSense to your website. It's free and Google allows you to run their ads along side your page's content, as you can see on this page to the top right. When a visitor clicks on an ad, Google pays you 68% of what the advertiser pays them.

Google Analytics

Add Google Analytics to your website. It’s a free service, and it tells you how many people a day come to your website, and how many people leave your website within the first 5 seconds. It also tells you which pages get the most traffic.

Google Webmaster Tools

Add Google Webmaster Tools to your website. It's a free service, and it tells you if you have any broken links or corrupt pages that can't be indexed and displayed for online searches by the search engines. Sites with broken links and page problems are less likely to be displayed ahead of sites without page problems.

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