lee romanov president income activatorI have been making online transactions for many years working with many merchants, and they are not all created equal.

For ''no reason'' the merchant can choose not to work with you. That happened to me after 7 years with out even one issue or client complaint.

PayPal is very temperamental too, and can hold on to your money for months. In my case I wrote a book entitled; Get Rich... By telling people Where To Go, which was all about lead generation, and PayPal did not like the title. They with held my money for months until, I suppose, they read the book.

My Merchant Recommendation

I recommend you use who I am using now. Barbara will work for you to get the right Merchant to handle your payment sevices.

To start the process of getting a Merchant Account, please contact Barbara Cunningham at Loyalty Processing.

 213.248.6787 phone | 866.216.0454 fax,  866.LOYAL2U tollfree, Barbara@LoyaltyProcessing.com

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