Lee Romanov is certified in Advanced Search Engine Marketing Strategies (SEO) and has built this into the IncomeActivator.com website builder for everyone to use.

One of the reasons so many website builders fail is because they don't allow the website owner to optimize their pages.

Every website page should have a 'Keyword Phrase' it focuses on.

IncomeActivtor's website builder allows you to enter in a Keyword Phrase on every page, which automatically is indexed for the search engines like Google Yahoo and Bing to index. Once properly indexed, the page is display to people doing online searches for that Keyword Phrase. This is a huge advance to getting search traffic to your website.

IncomeActivator's website also allows the website owner to put their own description for people doing online searches to read. In other words, you get to create your own ad to encourage people to click to your website's page. Without this, the search engines pull random content, usually this first line of the page which can be confusing to the reader. To learn more about page descriptions for SEO Traffic.

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