Why A Company Would Sponsor You

sponsorship money• Increase brand loyalty

• Create awareness and visibility

• Change / reinforce image

• Drive retail traffic

• Grow customer base

• Open up a desirable geographic territory

• Showcase community responsibility

• Sample and display brand attributes

• Entertain clients

• Narrowcasting- A company can hone in on a niche market

• Recruit and retain employees – events are used as perks for employees

• Merchandising opportunities

• Incentives to retailers, dealers and distributors

• Direct connections with target market

• Putting a friendly face on the company

• Be known as a good corporate citizen

• Forge new links with opinion leaders

• To be on your advisory board if you have influential opinion leaders

• Reward top sales people

• Attract new customers

• Thank old customers

• Demonstrate category leadership

• Open new channels of distribution

• Create customer loyalty

• Opportunity to test a new product or service

• To make people aware of a line extension

• Chance to tell the public about a lesser known part of the company

• Damage control

• Identification with a particular lifestyle

• Enhance commitment to a demographic or ethnic group

• Drive sales

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