How to Sell a 1st Time Event or a New Sponsor

event sponsor• Get your media partners first.

Then leverage them to get corporate sponsors.

• To build credibility, create strategic alliances with associations, established businesses, charities, and successful events with a track record.

You can even partner with a competing event, business or charity and turn them into your ally.

• Get influential people on your advisory board.

• Do plenty of research on the companies you plan to approach. Use the internet and request the company’s annual reports.

• Talk about short-term and long-term marketing so sponsors know you’re in for the long haul.

• Be realistic about your projected attendance, demographics, extended reach, etc.

• Use magnet sponsors – impressive companies with household names can be in-kind sponsors to draw-in cash sponsors.

• If a sponsor wants to cut the fee because your property doesn’t have a track record, tell them you’ll consider it if they commit to a full fee sponsorship for the next (year or event).

Tell them that if they are not satisfied they can withdraw in a certain time period.

Assets & Their Related Benefits

Assets and Their Related Benefits

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