Glossary of Terms

The marketing activities a company conducts to promote its sponsorship. Money spent on activation is over and above the rights fee paid to the sponsored property.

Ambient Media
The non-traditional or new media such as advertisements on furniture and promotional items.

The benefits to your sponsor. These can be tangible and intangible. Usually assets are listed in the sponsor packages.

Audience Composition
The distribution of an audience into demographic or other categories.

Brand Equity
The totality of what consumers, distributors, dealers, and competitors feel and think about a brand over an extended period of time. In short, it is the value of the brand’s capital.

Brand Loyalty
The consumer’s conscious or unconscious decision-expressed through intention or behavior to repurchase a brand continually. This occurs because the consumer perceives that the brand has the right product features, image, quality, or relationship at the right price.

Cause-Related Marketing
A sales or promotional partnership between a business and a non-profit for mutual benefit. Money spent on cause-related marketing is a business expense, not a donation, and is expected to show a return on investment.

A joint marketing effort conducted by two or more co-sponsors using the sponsored property as the central theme. Sponsors appreciate being connected to each other for mutual benefit.

Customer Lifetime Value
The total sales or profit value of a customer to a marketer over the course of that customer’s lifetime.

Demographic Information
Based on the age, gender, life-cycle stage and occupation of consumers.

Emotional Appeal
Marketing that is directed at the consumer’s psychological, social, or symbolic needs.

Hosting key customers, clients, politicians, employees and other VIPs at an event. Hospitality can involve tickets, parking, dining and other amenities in a specially designated area. Also referred to as client entertainment.

In-Kind Sponsorship
Payment (full or partial) of sponsorship fee in goods or services rather than cash.  Also referred to as trade or soft dollars.

Any official visual representation of a property which includes logos, emblems and mascots.

A group of potential customers who share a common interest, need or desire, who can use the offered goods or services to some advantage.

Media Sponsor
TV, radio, print media, internet and outdoor advertising companies that provide either cash, or more frequently advertising time or space to a property in exchange for official designation.
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