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Dear (First Name of Sponsor Contact),

(Tell the prospective sponsor the benefits right away)

Your Company Name is a national year-long brand which connects your business to the strong demographic of Your Demographics or Target Group i.e. Business Woman.

The brand consists of a series of media and events around the country including the List Your Products i.e. Seminars (location), Radio / TV Shows.

Other benefits of the Your Company Name brand are List Your Products; i.e. national media, speaking events, conferences, book tours, year-long coaching and webinars.  The advertising and marketing campaign will reach List Reach; i.e. over 500,000 people.

(Get to the point. Tell the sponsor what you are looking for)

We are looking for sponsors and partners that want to reach the List Demographics; i.e. strong women's market.

Give stats; i.e. Women start businesses at twice the rate of men and make or influence over 85% of the purchases in America.

Our sponsors and partners get maximum brand exposure to List Demographics; i.e. entrepreneurial women 25-54 with tremendous
consumer needs and purchasing power.

(Give a quick summary of the sponsor benefits)

Some promotional opportunities can include, but are not limited to: A Quick Summary Of Sponsor Benefits

• Branding to Give A Partner Name; i.e. NAFE (National Association of Female Executives) which has database of over
200,000. The average NAFE member is a college graduate with a personal income of $72,100.

• Branding to membership of Give A Partner Name; i.e. NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) which
has over 6,000 members.

• Exposure on XXX Radio with over 200,000 listeners.

• Exposure on Give A Partner Name; i.e. National Women’s Calendar: database of 20,000 individuals and 7,000 organizations.

• Cross promotions with Your Book in national retailers.

• Fully loaded booth, signage and your company representatives at the events.

• Branding on a national resource list.

• Hyperlink to 2 websites that get over 10,000 accesses per week.

• Speaking opportunity at the events, free ad in program books, VIP passes for staff and special clients.

• Promotion to highly targeted proprietary list of over 10,000.

• Opportunity to do cross-promotions with other sponsors and strategic alliances

 Thank You,

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