Telephone Scripts For Initial Sponsor Contact


I’m __________________ from (your property). Is this a good time to talk?

We’re contacting (or interviewing) potential corporate sponsors and partners for the (your
property, date and location). Are you the person who handles corporate sponsorships?

Do you want to make your brand more friendly to (your demographic)?

What are your goals and visions for the company?

What are your target demographics and upcoming campaigns?

Have you sponsored similar properties or events before?

Do you do cause-related marketing?

Are you looking for opportunities that generate more revenue?

(Tell the sponsor briefly about the most compelling benefits and assets of your property.

Portion of the proceeds will go to (charitable partner if you have one). Remember to be brief and be brilliant.)

I have a brief proposal and some quick facts that I can email you. Can we talk on (name a date and time and confirm with the prospective sponsor).

What is your email? What is your fax number? What is your address, so that I can send  you the information?

Thanks so much. Bye!

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