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A referral form is different than an opt-in form or survery. It is a form meant to refer visitors to companies that can provide them with what they are looking for.

Referral forms created with Income Activator can send visitors to different companies based on the visitor's location or a specific answer to a question.

When your visitor fills out the referral form and clicks on the 'Submit' button, they are shown the advertiser's contact information. This could be a page on your website or the advertiser's website.

You can then setup your referral to send an email in real time to one or all of the following;

1. The advertiser with the visitor’s contact information.

2. The visitor with the advertiser’s contact information.

3. Yourself, to let your know you just made some money.

The reason for asking your visitor to complete a referral form is simply to ensure this referral is real for your advertiser.

When your visitor clicks on the 'submit button' they are presented with the contact information of the referral company (advertiser). The action of clicking the submit button is what creates a billable referral.

You may think it might be difficult to have people to give you their contact information in exchange for your referral company’s contact information, but it’s not.

When you find a credible resource that can give you reliable business contacts you have no problem with giving your contact information to get theirs. Finding trustworthy companies to do business with is as valuable as gold.

Companies Pay Big For Contact Info

Here's how to be paid more by companies for your visitor leads.

Companies are paying Google $10, $20, $50, and sometimes more for a click and have no way of following up with the person who arrives on their website.

You can offer the same advertiser the visitor's contact information through Income Activator’s referral program. The ability for the advertisers to follow up with the visitor or have the visitor tell them exactly what they're looking.

If your Google AdSense program is bringing you $10,000 a month, you could instantly double your revenue to $20,000 this way.

Your Income Activator program allows you to charge whatever you want for your referrals. The how-to-videos show you how much companies are paying Google to get a person to their website and who these companies are.

Income Activator allows you to give the advertiser the visitor's name and email address and any other type of information the advertiser wants.

An example of a high paying advertiser would be law firms.

Here is an example of a website sending visitor leads to law firms:

In this example, visitors want the law firm to contact them and are happy to provide their name, email address, and a description of why they need to be contacted. This benefits the visitor and the law firm at the same time.

You can create your own referral website sending leads to companies in any field, worldwide, in real time, as easily as you can type.

You probably already know a business that would welcome referrals that you could send them right now, such as your dentist, your landscaper, and even your hair dresser. All of these businesses advertise and referrals are the best kind of advertising as it delivers a real person to them.

Your Income Activator program tracks your leads and creates the invoices to send out to your referral companies.

Website Owners

If you have an existing website, you can create your own referral forms and embed them anywhere in your own website or Blog.

You can even place these referral forms on other websites to refer visitors to yourself!

There is no limit to the number or type of questions you can ask or information you can send to your referral company.

Example Of A Referral Form 

Pet Insurance Quote

Fill out this form for a pet
insurance quote.

First Name
Email Address
Telephone Number
What Pets Do You Need Insured?

To the left is an example of a referral form that sends leads to a law firm that is offering a free legal consultation.

This law firm could pay anywhere from $5 to $50 for this lead.

When a visitor fills out your referral form, the visitor's contact information is sent to the law firm, and the lead is complete.

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