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A referral form is different than an opt-in form or survery. It is a form meant to refer visitors to companies that can provide them with what they are looking for.

Referral forms created with Income Activator can send visitors to different companies based on the visitor's location or a specific answer to a question.

When your visitor fills out the referral form and clicks on the 'Submit' button, they are shown the advertiser's contact information. This could be a page on your website or the advertiser's website.

You can then set up your referral to send an email in real time to one or all of the following;

1. All of the advertisers with the visitor’s contact information.

2. The visitor with all the advertisers' contact information.

3. Yourself, to let your know you just made some money.

The reason for asking your visitor to complete a referral form is simply to ensure this referral is real for your advertiser. It is only once your visitor clicks on the 'submit button' that they are presented with the contact information of the referral company (advertiser).

The action of clicking the submit button is what creates a billable referral. You may think it might be difficult to have people to give you their contact information in exchange for your referral company’s contact information, but it’s not. When you find a credible resource that can give you reliable business contacts you have no problem with giving your contact information to get theirs.

Finding trustworthy companies to do business with is as valuable as gold.

How Do I Start A Directory Referral Program?

You can start right away with a new website or your current website by entering your name and email in the form to the right.

You can easily place referral forms on your website and begin sending leads to a directory of companies that all pay you.

You may have an advertiser wanting to try your referral program before they agree to pay you. It’s your business and therefore it’s your call.

You can send the advertiser their first couple of leads for free and work towards a successful partnership.

Sending One Referral To Multiple Companies-10325

One visitor + 10 referral companies = $100

Your Income Activator program allows you to send one lead to multiple companies at the same time.

Each company pays you for the visitor's contact information. When a visitor to your website completes your referral form they’re shown a directory of your referral companies.

You can have as many referrals companies as you want and charge whatever you want them to pay every time your visitor enters their contact information to view your directory of referral companies.

An example of this is a website where a visitor would go to get the best painting quote:

The visitor would enter in the painting job, and the lead is automatically emailed to all 10 painters. Each painter pays $10 for a chance to quote.

Therefore, 1 visitor referral is worth $100 to the website owner. If you only had 10 referrals a day, that's $1,000 a day and $60,000 a month!

Any company that bids on jobs, offers quotes, or competes for projects would be great for a directory program. These companies could include contractors, graphic designers, rental companies, photographers, interior designers, and so forth.

You can create your own referral website to send leads to companies in any field.

You can create a referral form as easily as you can type and ask any questions that would relate to your advertisers.

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