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A great title can launch your eBook and have a massive impact on those who come across your eBook.

Your title should strive to grab the viewers’ attention and create excitement and anticipation as to what the eBook is about.

A great title will separate your eBook form the rest of the titles that get lost in the bunch due to their inability to capture the viewers’ attention. You also want your title to attract media attention. Many books and eBooks have been launched or picked up by media outlets purely because of their unique or provocative title.

A great way to get ideas is to search through the eBooks on a major online store to get ideas. Identify which titles garb your attention and why? Write down the titles that you were attracted to and see if there is a common theme amongst those titles. Did they all use one specific technique as outlined below?

I have often written down my top ten options for a title for an eBook and then asked family and friends for their opinion on what they perceive as the best title. Try this, you will be amazed at how others will interpret a title and see things differently to how to you do. If there is overwhelming support for a title that you were not going to use then you will need to seriously think about your title again.

It’s worth devoting considerable time and energy to getting your title selection right. Remember that many authors and publishers have used this knowledge before you, to turn sales disasters into phenomenal success stories! Your efforts may be rewarded in the same way too.

In order to write a great title, you first need to know your audience and create a title that is appropriate for the content of your work. You often only have one chance to get the viewer to click on your eBook cover so make the most of it.

Here Are Some Key Examples of Techniques Used to Produce an Attention Grabbing Title:

1. An eBook Title That Contains Your Best Offer or Solution to Their Problem

  1. Let your title tell the reader how your eBook will benefit them.
  2. How it will solve their problem.
  3. How it will answer their questions.


  1. “Fall in Love With This One Simple Technique”
  2. “Use My System to Become a Successful Forex Trader”
  3. “The Secret Food That Prevents Colds”

2. Make a Big Promise. A title proposing a “big promise” will be sure to grab the reader’s attention. The key with this technique is that you need to be able to deliver on your promise otherwise you will have a lot of unhappy customers wanting refunds. Not to mention the damage it will cause to your reputation!

Over-hyped promises will make some readers very “wary” and will avoid your eBook if it sounds too good to be true.


  1. “I Will Show You How to Lose 10 Kilos in 4 Weeks”
  2. “How to Make a Six Figure Salary on Only 10 Hours a Week of Work”
  3. “How to Add 10 Years on to Your Life”

3. Tell Your Readers What to Do in the Title. This will provide an immediate impact on the reader as they will relate to your command on a personal level and offer them an answer to their problem.


  1. “Toilet Train Your Toddler Today”
  2. “Stop Smoking Right Now”

4. Ask a Question. Put it back on the reader by asking them a question. You are actually just asking the question that they often ask. Therefore, they will relate to the question immediately.


  1. “Would You Like to Make a Million Dollars in the Next 12 Months?”
  2. “Do You Want to Improve Your Sex Life?”
  3. “Would You Like Tom Find the Partner of Your Dreams?”

5. Include ‘How to’ in Your Title. This is a favourite option for non-fiction authors as it is proven to capture the attention of viewers who want to learn with simple and easy to follow steps. You should always be able to deliver on what you promise. I am not a big fan of using certain words in titles even though I know that they are powerful in helping to sell. people are attracted to sales pitches that promise a quick fix, access to a secret, or a miracle answers to solve their problem.


  1. “How to Write Your eBook in 21 Days”
  2. “How to Become an Internet Millionaire in Six Months”
  3. “How to Turn Your Passion into Profit”

6. Write a “Provocative” Title. A provocative title should only be used for some genres and certain audiences who will be curious, but not insulted. This title often forces the reader to read on to satisfy their curiosity. I would strongly recommend you stay away from certain topics such as religion.


  1. “Why You Are Not a Great Parent”
  2. “So You Think You Are Good Looking – Think Again!”
  3. “How to Drop Out of High School”

7. Make an Outrageous Claim or Statement in Your Title. This is a very risky way to write a title but you will be sure to grab the viewers’ attention. Write without fear of the expected backlash.


  1. “Why Sex Should Be Taught In All Schools”
  2. “Why You Should Date a Married Man”

Now you see what I mean when I say that they will create a stir and possibly some backlash!

8. Use Words That Intrigue or Arouse Curiosity. For many fiction writers this is a great way to capture their readers’ attention with a unique and intriguing title that will warrant further exploration.


  1. “The Love Life of She-Man”
  2. “The Woman Who Turned Her Husband Into a Car”

9. Use Catchy or Repetitive Words to Make Your Title Memorable

Readers will often remember a title that has a catchy aspect associated with it. This also applies to title that repeats a word. Repetition is a way we remember things and is often a tactic used by teachers.


  1. “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”
  2. “Live Life, Love Life”

All of these variations have worked in big ways for authors. The key is creating a headline that works for your topic, your target audience and achieves the first goal of getting the viewer to read more about your eBook.

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