You can allow visitor comments on any of your website pages.

1. Allow Visitor Comments On This Page To allows visitors to comment on this page, check this box.

2. Save Click on the 'Save' button. A form allowing visitor comments will now appear at the bottom of your page.

Making Comments Visible & Deleting Comments

Important: The comments that people post on your website are not visible until you activate them.

You can also manage all of the comments on all of your pages in the 'Comments' section on your top menu bar, to see how to do this, click here

1. Comments When you get comments on your pages, they will appear here.

To activate a comment, start by checking the box to the left of it.

2. Activate Comment Select 'Activate Comment' from this dropdown menu, then click the 'Go' button.

You can also delete a comment by checking it off, then selecting 'Delete Comment', then clicking the 'Go' button. 

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