Email Forwarding

Your emails will be forwarded to your old email address. You can create a new mailbox and use email forwarding together.


You will be able to check your email through a website. The interface will be similar to Gmail.


You can check your email through Microsoft Outlook. You can install Outlook on your computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Apple Mail

You can check your email on Apple Mail using your computer, iPad or iPhone.

GMail Interface

You can check your email by logging into Your email address will not be, it will just use GMail's interface and storage space. Google charges $5 per month for this service.

Email Address Request

You can request as many professional email addresses as you wish, for free.

For example, you can have, 
or, and so forth.

Note: Google & GoDaddy charge a monthly fee, per email address, 
whereas your emails through IncomeActivator are free!

free email addressesSetup

There is a setup fee of $60 to have us create,
and setup your email addresses.

Email Address & Setup

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Your Domain Name
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Current Email Address
List The Email Addresses You Need Created
Do You Want Email Forwarding
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How Do You Want To Check Your Email?
How Would You Like To
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