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You can have a website about anything you have a passion for, as long as it works financially.

Professionals often buy referrals or leads from a variety of websites.

These professionals are busy people, and they don't have the time to create content rich websites to generate their own leads.

A website related, and supportive of their business, but not in competition with them, is what they are looking for to have leads sent to them.

You don't have to be licensed, like a lawyer or doctor to have a website in that field.

For example, you could set up a a website about 'Medical Malpractice' lawsuits. Your website could consist of interviews with doctors and lawyers about malpractice lawsuits you've either done or found online.

Here's a list of website topics and ideas.

You can send your visitors to these professionals to give them the help they're looking for. Through the Income Activator referral program you can set it up so you are paid for each referral.

There are then a number of revenue streams available to you for being paid from referrals. There are Google pay per click ads, your own pay per click ads, leads, directory referrals and affiliate programs.

Consumer Advocate 

When I launched, a rate quote comparison service directing drivers to the lowest insurance rates, I was not in the insurance industry, but I knew drivers would be interested in this information.

As long as you have to have good information to give people who are searching online for answers, you can create a referral website and make money from it.

You Can Be An Authority Too

From my own personal experience I could create a website about back surgery and talk about my own back surgery, without being a doctor. I could recommend to people facing spinal fusion surgery to check out Dr. Jho. He does minimally invasive spinal surgery that takes the place of fusion surgery.

I could talk about my experience, both before and after the surgery, to help others who are exploring surgery options other than fusion.

I could have Google Ads run on my website and when a visitor clicked on the ad I would be paid by Google. I could also sell products that relieve back pain by signing up with affiliate programs and be paid per sale, or I could assemble an eBook on eating well and home remedies for reducing back pain and sell it on my online store.

Regardless of which way you choose to create revenue for your website, the point is that you can have a website on anything you're passionate about.

Authority Websites

Search Engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing love authority based websites with good content and will display them ahead of websites that have little content, and trying to sell something.

To the right is an audio interview that talks about how you can become an authority in your area of interest.

By creating pages on a topic you're interested in and then getting visitor traffic, you can make money from any one of the revenue models in your Income Activator Marketing Strategies.

The 'Key' to making money from your website is knowing what people are searching for online.

It's far better to have 20,000 people a month searching online for your topic, then 100 people a year searching for it.

Our keyword research article it shows you how to find a topic people are searching for online. It also shows you how to find advertisers that will pay you for sending them leads and how much they pay!

It's far better to know which advertisers are paying $20 for a referral rather than $1.

You'll make more money by selecting a 'Search Term' people are entering into the search engines 20,000 times a month, and referring leads to advertisers paying you $20 per visitor when you position yourself as an authority.

When you decide on a topic you're passionate about you then have to do the math to know if it will meet your revenue goals.

This is explained in our Setting Your Goals article.

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