Student Program

Income Activator is a strong supporter of students learning how to create their own online business, no matter what age.  

Once your child sees that they can earn their own money from the skills they'll be developing from their Income Activator website builder, they'll tend to spend less time on social networks and Internet games, and become more enthralled by the thrill of Internet marketing.
Every student who has an Income Activator website can 'give away' an Income Activator website to their friends, for free. The student will earn $60 for every website the give away, providing their friend's parents agree to pay the monthly hosting fee of $60.  
Parents should also have their own Income Activator website to help motivate their child. It's also a great way to foster some healthy competition! For instance, you can compete to see who can make the most money online each day! Plus, it's a great way to earn your child $60.

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