How To Register Referral Companies

Option 1- Adding Advertisers (Referral Companies) Manually

You can register referral companies yourself.

Option 2 - Creating Your Own Registration Form

You can create a form with your own questions that allows advertisers to register.

Option 3 - Using Income Activator's Registration Form

You can use Income Activator's pre-built registration form that automatically adds advertisers to your Referral Company section. The steps to do this are below.

Adding A Page For Advertisers To Register & Login

You can create a page on your website to allow referral companies to to register for your referral programs. You can place company registration forms on any of your website pages.

Once you have referral companies registered on your website, you can place a link on the bottom of your website that goes to a login page.

1. Referral Company Registration Page  You can create a page and put the link to the page on the top or bottom of your website.

2. Referral Login Link  You can place a link on the bottom of your website that goes to a page that allows your referral companies to log in to your website to view their referrals.

Example Of An Registration Form

1. Page Content You can place the registration form on any page and add any of your content above it. You might want to include a brief description of the PPC program and how much a referral will cost the company.

2. Referral Company Registration Form  The registration form will always appear under your page content. The title and fields are pre-made and ask the everything you will need to register a company for your referral programs. The example shown shows a Lead Generation registration form, there are 3 separate forms for each referral type.

3. Login Information  The company registering enters in their own email and password that they can use to login to the referral section of your website to see their activity.

4. Selecting Locations  If you are placing a Lead or Directory registration form, there will be a section that allows the company to select which countries, provinces/states, and cities that they service.

5. Register Button When the company clicks the 'Register' button they get a message saying that they will be notified by email upon approval which may take up to 2 business days. However if they need to they can contact you directly.

Their registration application is automatically stored in your website's administration section. To access it all you need to do is click on the top bar entitled Referrals, then click on Referral Companies.

You will also receive an email notification of their Registration application. This will go to the email address of the website owner or you can set your email notification to go to a different email address by clicking on Your Account, Account Settings, and entering a different email address in the Email Notifications section.

Adding A Lead Registration Form to Your Website

Here's how to attach a Registration Form to your website so that companies can sign up online to receive leads from you.

Here's how to attach a Lead Registration Form. 

1. Edit A Page  Click on the page you want to add the registration form to. The form will be added under the Page Content of this Page. The content of this page should entice companies to register, you should also put the Pay-Per-Click Rate on this page.

2. Advanced Settings Tab  Click the 'Advanced Settings' tab.
3. Select A Registration Form Select which type of registration form you want to show. Lead and Directory referral forms will ask the company for the locations they want referrals from.

4. Save Click the 'Save' button. The form will appear below your page content. Click on the 'View' link to the right of the page title to view your page.

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