Recording Referral Payments

To manage and record referral payments, go to the 'Referrals' tab in the menu bar and select 'Referral Payments'.
1. Payments Owed To You:  These are the payments owed to you by your referral companies. To generate an invoice to send your company, go to the top menu 'Referrals' and from the dropdown click on 'Referral By Company'. Click on the company on the right, then select a date range, then click on 'Print Invoice'.
2. Payment Amount:  Enter the amount of the payment received in this box.

3. Reference Number/Note: Enter the form of payment, any reference numbers, or notes here.

4. Record Payment:  Click the 'Record Payment' link and balance owed will be reduced by the amount you entered. It will then show up below in the 'Payments Made To You' table below.
5. Payments Made To You:  These are the payments you've received and recorded.

Edit Payment: The 'Edit' link will allow you to add a reference number or change the amount. 

7. Delete Payment:  The 'Delete' link will delete this payment. You may use this for a bounced check.

If any of your test referrals show up here and you want to delete them, go to the tab Revenue By Company, click on the company name, then delete the test referrals.        

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