Checking Your Lost Lead Referral Revenue

On your top menu, go to 'Referrals', and then click 'Revenue By Company'.

This page shows you the referrals that you couldn't accommodate because the visitor selected a location or trigger answer you don't service.

An example of this is when a visitor selects 'Other' for their city, and if you have a question that asks 'If Other, What City?', you can see what they entered.
Once you know which cities your visitors are entering, you can begin to find advertisers that service those cities. 

1. Referral Program: Click on the referral program title on the right. The details will appear on the left.

Checking Your Lost Lead Referral Revenue

1. Lost Referrals: This table shows you the lost referrals including the time and date, first name, and email address.

2. View Referral: Click on 'View Referral' and a window will popup showing you the data that your visitor entered into the form. The next screenshot will show the window that popups in.

3. Total: This shows you the total lost revenue for that program. 

Checking Your Lost Lead Referral Revenue

1. Visitor Information: This is the data your visitor entered into your referral form.

2. Other Question: This is a question that asked the visitor "If Other, Where Do You Live", you should have a question like this so you know what the visitor is looking for.

You can use this information to know which locations or services you need to find an advertiser for.

For example, if you got 10 people who entered 'Montreal' into your referral form, it would be a good idea to find an advertiser who serviced 'Montreal'. 

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