Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

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Ever wonder why your mom told you to stand up straight? She knew more than you think.

Amy Cuddy talks about body language and when you adopt a power pose, you will more likely succeed. 

How are you sitting right now?

stewie in family guyAre you hunched up, or ready to take on the world like Stewie in the Family Guy?

Power Dynamics

Power dynamics is a non verbal expressions power and dominance. It's all about making yourself BIG. You stretch out, you take over the space around you. It's about opening up. 

When you feel powerless you do the opposite. You make yourself small, you wrap up, you don't want to bump into the person next to you.

Can you fake it til you make it? 

You ca adopt a power position and have it actually make you more powerful.

We know that our minds change are bodies, now we know that our body's posture can change our minds! 

In fact, a 2 minute power pose increases your Testosterone and gives you the confidence of a winner.

A powerless pose, increases your Cortisol which causes you to feel more stress about a situation.

Fake It Til You Are That Person 

We all have dreams. You weren't born a success in 'whatever'.

We all start off by trying to become something, and it's in the trying that allows you to achieve our goals.

Income Activator gives you the opportunity to have an online business on any topic, in any industry. You can generate a second income for it, or make it into what you do for a living.

But you have to do it until you become it.

That's The BIG Secret To Life 

You start off with an idea, something want to have happen. Then you go after it, and do it, and do it,
and do it until you become it.

And most of all... adopt your Superman or Wonder Woman pose as you take on the world! 

superman and wonder woman 








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